Career coaching

Whether career change is voluntary or not, implementing this change can be one of the most exhilarating and empowering, as well as stressful and scary career activity an executive will ever do. Change is never easy but, when executed with considerable thought and support, it can become a real breakthrough in understanding what they are really capable of and their own ability to take charge of the future.

With our background in industry, coaching and executive search, Executiva offers a unique insight into the current job market, a tailored coaching process and an extensive industry network to assist an executive wishing to change their career.

Mid-career change
After 10-20 years, executives often ask themselves what direction they are heading if they continue the way they are currently operating. Mid-career coaching focuses on executive benchmarking: where they are, vis-à-vis contemporaries in their organisations; what it takes to progress and develop these skills; or deciding on and executing the process to seek new employment opportunities.


Late-career change
After 20-30 years, executives often reach a stage where they are keen to use the experience they have developed in a strategic fashion, give back to society and be energised again about their work. Late-career coaching focuses on how to execute through definition of new and different career goals: exploration of new sectors or positions; developing new networks to deliver full-time, part-time or a portfolio of non-executive or advisory positions; or any combination thereof in-for-profit and/or not-for-profit sectors.


Pre-retirement career change
After many years in one firm or one profession, it can be challenging to envisage what an executive may want to do post e.g. a mandatory retirement date. Pre-retirement coaching explores the executive’s interests, skills and motivations and how to combine these into a new type of professional and personal career: full-time, part-time or as a portfolio of activities. Normally started 3-5 years before the planned leaving date, a staged plan is created to enable the executive to seamlessly transition from full-time employment to a gradually created set of activities outside the firm.