Pioneering the Possible - Awakened Leadership for a World That Works

Update   –   7 October 2014

Anita Hoffmann was invited to the first public presentation of three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Scilla Elworthy’s new book, ‘Pioneering the Possible - Awakened Leadership for a World that Works’, at the RSA on Thursday 9 October 2014.


Scilla, a realist with 40 years' experience at the sharp end of politics and conflict,

presents a bold but realistic vision for the future;


Human beings worldwide are anxious, afraid for their children's futures, dissatisfied by their lives, but unsure what to do. Our global ecosystems and supply chains are under threat and our leaders appear to have failed us.


Pioneering the Possible addresses these anxieties head-on by envisioning a future that could work for everyone, rich and poor, demonstrating with real-life examples how that future is already emerging.


Pioneering the Possible tackles the deeply embedded 20th-century values that get in the way of addressing global problems, and shows how these destructive values can be—and are being—reversed.


You can see Scilla speak about her new book: