Purpose Driven Leader - Purpose Driven Career Global Study by Executiva and Cranfield.

Update   –   14 March 2016

The quest for societal purpose and shared value in business will radically change leadership and career development for mid to late career executives.

New ground breaking global study by Cranfield University School of Management Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Executiva Ltd. 


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Leadership skills focused on society needed for future success

Executives in all types of organisations need to develop 'Tri-Sector' skills to be able to collaborate across business, government and NFP/NGO sectors for future business success.


Senior executives are often 'missed out' in this type of leadership development in organisations as it is frequently focused on Millennials. How can they make the right decisions without the same understanding? 



Real career development skills

Career development in most organisations means promotion readiness in that organisation.


Little or no effort is spent on developing executive’s ability to truly own their own careers and understand how to generate career options for the future. Executives are often like 'deer in the headlights' when their long-term careers are suddenly cut short.


Real career development skills should be developed from at least age 40 to allow preparing for second and third careers.  This generation of executives is the ‘no retirement’ generation.



Real succession planning

Succession planning is a hot topic for boards.


Leading organisations have continuous open conversations about executives’ priorities, and thus have real information to base succession planning on, instead of what often is wishful thinking or a box-ticking exercise.



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