Best Practices for Second Careers with Purpose and Impact - Round Table

Update   –   4 October 2016

Executives who create impactful second careers with purpose generally start this transition through so called ‘job-crafting’, creating a project in an area they are passionate about, has impact in society and fits with their employer’s strategy, delivering benefits to all parties.

This allows the executive to learn the Tri-sector skills and build new networks that makes an impactful career change possible.


Leading organisations are increasingly realising what strategy-consulting firms have known for a long time; that both employees and alumni are highly valuable.

They are investing in career development skills training and transition services for executives to help them transition to new careers as our paper for Cranfield ‘s Doughty centre for Corporate Responsibility ‘Purpose Driven Leader – Purpose Driven Career’ illustrates.


The discussion was kindly hosted by Actis, the emerging markets private equity firm with the purpose statement ‘The positive power of capital’, helping to transform societies -


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