Sustainable Entrepreneurship - Cranfield, BITC and B-Lab

Update   –   24 April 2017

Doughty Centre Associate Melody McLaren and Professor David Grayson presented the Doughty Centre’s occasional paper on ‘How Sustainable Enterprises Develop’  in cooperation with BITC and B-Lab at the opening of the BITC annual Responsible Business Week 2017.


The paper found that founders of sustainable entrepreneurial businesses would like the following support to aid their development to thriving SME’s:

  • Peer-to-peer networking events with other sustainable entrepreneurs to enable them to make contacts, share stories, and promote knowledge exchange and resource-sharing
  • Access to more affordable courses for business growth/development and general management
  • Support to identify and connect with potential new recruits
  • Access to mentors who have started and grown their own business
  • Networking events with potential sustainable investors.

The occasional paper can be found here: