Executiva works alongside organisations to attract and develop socially, ethically and economically-aware global leaders in the energy, manufacturing, technology and sustainability sectors.

Purpose Driven Leader - Purpose Driven Career

What if leadership skills for social change are also THE key to developing your career? New research paper by Executiva and Cranfield.

Combining Profit and Purpose

A dialogue on the role of business in society by Coca Cola Enterprises, Cranfield School of Management, Financial Times & Net Impact

What it takes to be a leader

The research by BSR, Changing Consciousness, and Executiva describes the competencies necessary for senior executives, executive teams, and boards to lead with sustainability in mind.


Social and financial purpose – the future direction of companies and their leaders

Leading companies are realising that to be successful in the future, they need to re-discover their social purpose, combine it with their financial responsibilities and recruit, develop and promote these new criteria.

In a 2016 global study by Executiva in cooperation with Cranfield University - Purpose Driven Leader - Purpose Driven Career - shows how to do this by helping companies and executives develop leadership AND career development capabilities. 

The book Purpose & Impact: How Executives are Creating Meaningful Second Careers authored by Anita Hoffmann and published by Greenleaf/Routledge in April 2018, aims to help individual executives learn how to create careers with purpose, while helping to change their companies from the inside.

Anita Hoffmann

Executiva was founded by Anita Hoffmann. She is a leadership advisor, accredited coach and executive search specialist. Anita has over 20 years’ experience in her field and is a respected advisor to premier Clean/Tech, Renewable, Private Equity and Venture Capitalist houses, their portfolio companies, and blue chip corporates.

She has a deep interest in how our increasing longevity will affect the future of work and a passion for helping leaders develop later careers with purpose.


Executiva helps companies recruit, assess, develop and promote executives with the ability to be successful leaders in an increasingly socially accountable world.

We also help executives develop careers with purpose, using their experience to help solve issues in society. We are known for the quality of our work, our long term relationships, knowledge of, and contribution to, the markets we operate across – energy, manufacturing and sustainability.

Executive Search

We help companies find leaders, who will deliver sustainable growth.

International CXOs (CEOs, COOs, CFOs)
Regional and Divisional Heads
Chairmen and NEDs
Pre-IPO Boards
Advisory Boards
Backable Executives for PE/VC
Deal Advisors
Growth Company Leaders
Social Enterprise Leaders
NGO leaders
Investment Managers
Chief Sustainability Officers

Advisory and Assessment


We advise and assist companies on mid/late career development for their organisations and individual executives. 

Executive career services

Mid/late career development programmes
Leadership development and career coaching


We utilise our proprietary Leadership Competency Framework, developed from a major research study around new leadership competencies in cooperation with BSR.


At Executiva, we work with senior leaders to help them reach transformative goals.

Executive coaching
reaching challenging business goals

Leadership coaching
developing as a leader

Career coaching
mid-to-late career new direction, in-house or externally oriented, including preparation for new executive, non-executive and NFP positions  
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We, at Executiva, build partnerships with organisations, companies and individuals who complement our services.


Executiva works globally in the sectors supporting the energy-water-sustainability nexus.


Power, Infrastructure, Renewables, Power Generation, Transmission, Project Development


Chemicals, Nutraceuticals and Bio Based Materials


CleanTech including ICT in relation to Energy and RegTech

Sustainability and Social Enterprise

Resources, Energy, Water and Renewables


Any type of manufacturing touching the Energy / Resources supply chain

Business Services

Expert services to the Energy / Resources supply chain, e.g. Oilfield Services, 3P O&M, Outsourcing TIC etc. 

Professional Services

Expert and Management Consulting services to the Energy / Resources supply chain

Financial Services

Includes PE / VC, Investment Banking and Project Finance services to the Energy / Resources supply chain


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