East Med Energy Ministers and Executive meeting on Next Generation Leadership

Update   –   27 June 2014

Anita Hoffmann was invited to speak at The Bosphorus Energy Club, the meeting place for energy minsters and corporate executives for the Eastern Mediterranean in Istanbul, Turkey.


The special topic of the session was ‘Developing the Next Generation Leaders of the Region’.


Anita spoke about the widening 'Values Gap' between what society wants from leaders, how leaders want to serve and how outdates recruitment, development and promotion procedures hinders this and forces leaders to leave to  have a purpose driven career.The speech can be downloaded below. 


Energy ministers and deputy ministers from Turkey, USA, Northern Cyprus, Azerbajan, Kurdistan and Yemen as well as policy leaders and corporate executives from Turkey, Greece, China, UK, USA and many more attended.


The leadership session panel included:

  • Canan Oessoy, President & CEO of GE Turkey,
  • Ruya Bayegan, Chairwoman of Bayegan Group,
  • Ahmet Umit Danisman, GM Akenerji and
  • Ahmet Evin, Professor Trans-Atlantic Academy and Sabanci University.  


Download the speech